Quick Updates - 6-Sept-10

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Quick Updates - 6-Sept-10 Empty Quick Updates - 6-Sept-10

Post by Meep on Mon Sep 06, 2010 3:57 pm

Hai members! Well, members of the forums anyway Stick out Tounge
So, here's my first post in the Forums to give you some updates... as you will have noticed, iCookiez itself isn't exactly up and running. I'm sure you'll know when it is though, because I'll make a big announcement =3 I will open when I have atleast 5 cookie adoptables, and the banner and footer are made. (I'm still waiting for the cookie art for the banner from someone on MyAdopts. But, we have to be patient I guess).
You might have noticed that some people have purple usernames. Well, they are artists and have done some art for us somewhere. There is kristhasirah, who made the iCookiez logo on the header. tcddc4, who did the line-art of the cookie that represents "No new posts", "New posts", etc. on a forum. (Gradiented colours edited by me). Twig, who made the cookie favicon (the icon on the address bar next to our URL) for us (and may be making more art for us).
More updates may follow. Thanks for your co-operation and enjoy the forums while iCookiez's main site is created!
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Quick Updates - 6-Sept-10 Empty Re: Quick Updates - 6-Sept-10

Post by tcddc4 on Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:02 pm

If you need anymore art just ask i would love to help out!

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