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Post by Meep on Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:08 pm

Please be sure that you are a registered member of the iCookiez Adoptables site BEFORE registering here, in the forums. All members will be checked around every 1-2 weeks, which also brings up that you must register with your iCookiez username. If you do not, you will be confused with false forum members.

Anyone who is caught being a false forum member, will receive a private message from a member of Staff or myself. If there is no answer within 48 hours, you will then be sent an email. Again, if there is no reply within another 48 hours to either the PM or email, your account will be banned and not revived, unless you have been on vacation and posted it in the forums. In which case, your ban will be lifted after a reply.

False forum member: Someone who has joined these forums but is not a member of iCookiez Adoptables.

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