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Post by Meep on Sun Nov 28, 2010 4:00 pm

Instead of the Reputation System, we now have the 'Thanks Button'. When you create a thread (and ONLY when YOU have created the thread) you will see a 'Thanks' button on the same line as the users' username.
When you thank someone they will get +1 added to their Reputation, so It's just the same thing but only when YOU have created the thread.

You will see Thanks Button Icon_thanks_off_en when the post available to be be Thanked. You will see Thanks Button Icon_thanks_on_en if you have already Thanked that person.

The reason I removed the Reputation System is because I realised that you can +1 someone's Reputation on all of their posts, and therefore you can give them +1 Rep more than one time, depending on how many posts they have.

I've enabled the Reputation system. So, I'll quickly guide you through it.

When someone posts on the forums, there will be a bar...
Thanks Button 17032009100811
Thanks Button 17032009100905
Now you've given them a Positive Rep (+1)

If you click the - ...
Thanks Button 17032009101011
Now you've given them a Negative Rep (-1)

As far as I know, there is no way to comment on a user when giving a rep.

~Meep - iCookiez Creator & Admin

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